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Venezuelans abroad, specifically located in the United States of America ( USA), said during the last election days that have different obstacles at compile , process and execute inherent in citizenship applications , according to reports by independent organizations dedicated to defending the right to vote abroad. Added to these difficulties are compounded by high abstention figure registered Venezuelans , and the lack of a standardized process for handling documents in diplomatic establishments ( embassies , consulates ) that limits the right to voteOur project aims to make a digital platform HTML format 5, ie , compatible with any PC or Mobile format ( smartphones and tablets) that allows Venezuelans who are in the U.S. , have updated information for the processing of documents consular , that also shows joining the Permanent Electoral Register (REP ) , processing and / or renewal of passports, family remittances and student travel permits for minors and pensions. TEAM
Grupo 4 Venezuela 

Génesis González
Arlynne Hernández 
Rafael Rivas
Claudia Vargas



mobile application for immigrants