How to Participate 

You can participate by: 

  • Organizing a local event
    If you are interested in hosting a local event, please email us at  Also, please check out our Local Hackathon Planning Guide
  • Helping define challenges that need to be addressed
    Please join our Google group. The membership will grant you editing rights on this website.  Then click on the "Sign In" link at the bottom of the page.  After that navigate to the Challenges page, click on the edit icon which looks like this:  
      and type away! 
  • Sharing ideas for projects, links to data sources and so on
    Here, too, the first step is to join our Google group so that you can write on this website.  Then click on the "Sign In" link at the bottom of the page.  After that navigate to the relevant page under the Resources tab, click on the edit icon which looks like this:   and start writing!
  • Attending in-person the nearest local event
    Please find the page for the nearest event using the map on the Locations page.  Schedule, agenda, registration information will be posted there. 
  • Joining virtually a team at a local event
    No event in your city? No problem.  You can compete in the contest by joining virtually a team at any location.  In fact, online collaboration is an excellent way to leverage each other's expertise .  For example, we would love to see a Spanish software developer in Cadiz and a Canadian statistician in Saskatoon teaming up with a Guatemalan journalist and presenting their project at the event in Guatemala City.  Please see our virtual participation page for details.  If you need help or have any questions - just drop us an email at 
  • Sponsoring the Americas Datafest
    If you are interested in sponsoring  our event, please email us at 

How to Submit Your Project the weekend of the event
If you are participating in the hackathon at one of the locations, either in-person or as a virtual team member, you  will need to submit your project. To present your work, please follow these simple steps: 
  1. Join our Google Group.
    The membership will allow you to write on this website which you will need for the next step. You can join the group here
  2. Click on the "Sign In" link at the bottom of the page.
  3. Create a page for your project on this website.
    1. Navigate to the Project List page.  
    2. Click on the New Page icon which looks like this:    
    3. Name your page.  You can just name it after your project.
    4. Choose "Project Page" template:  

    5. Choose 'Put under "Projects List":

    6. Click on the "Create" button which looks like this: 

  4. List your project on the Project List page. 
You are done! Now you just need to meet the deadlines for filling your project page with information that judges can use to evaluate your your work (see details below). 

November 2, 2013
Please create a page for your project by 6 pm local time.  Please include the following information: 
  • Your project's name
  • Your team's name
  • Location
  • A brief description of what you are working on
  • A list of people on your team
  • What prize category you think your project fits in (both local and global awards)
  • What you are starting with: existing codebase, libraries, etc. 

November 3, 2013
All project pages must be completed by the time specified by your local organizers.  Please complete your project page with the following information: 
  • A summary of your work
  • For projects focused on data and data analysis: A step-by-step explanation of how you reached the result(s)
  • Any links such as to a code repository, Google docs, etc. 
  • Screenshots will be much appreciated. 

November 10, 2013
 The local winners who have been nominated for global awards must add a 3-minute Youtube presentation to their project pages by midnight local time.