Patricia Carbajales, Stanford University, discusses tools to visualize and map data

"I really believe a map is worth a thousand words the same way as an image is" 

October 20, 2013

Patricia Carbajales is a Geospatial Manager and a GIS Lecturer at Stanford University (California). She reminded us today that "maps are not only to display things but also to show patterns, relationships and also to display how things change over time."

"I am really, truly very passionate about the power of maps," said Patricia who expects to see "beautiful maps out of the Americas Datafest pretty soon."

She focused today on two tools:  Google Fusion Tables and Google Maps Engine Lite: "The reason I like them so much and teach them so often is because they are free. All you need is a browser. They allow for collaboration with other people and they also allow for your maps to be embedded into your blogs or websites and they don't require any programming or code at all."

Patricia Carbajales, Geospatial Manager, GIS Lecturer, Stanford University