Global Winners and Runners Up!
November 27, 2013 

We have the global winners and runners up in each category!  

Our judges have enjoyed the teams’ presentations. They were also very impressed with the breadth of ideas and diversity of approaches shown in the projects. 

Choosing the winners was a challenging task which is not surprising. The teams worked hard during the Datafest and the nominees put an extra effort during the week after the event. Thank you all for your energy and enthusiasm.

Without further ado, here’s the list and congratulations!

(The recipient of the Best Overall Award will be announced on December 6). 

Best Mobile App 

Winner: Invio (Tegucigalpa, Honduras)

1. Runner up: EvidenceRecorder (Palo Alto, CA)
2. Runner up: Invisible Friend (San Salvador, El Salvador )

Best Website/Web App 

Winner: Salvaviajes (Washington, DC)

1. Runner up: ImmiGuide (Boston, MA)
2. Runner up: A tie between  R.U.T.A. (Guadalajara, Mexico) and Pulso (Mexico City, Mexico)

Best Data Visualization 

Winner: ¿Dónde estás?  (Mexico City, Mexico )

1. Runner up: ImmiViz (Washington, DC)
2. Runner up: A tie between  Migrant Heaven (Palo Alto, CA) and Beat the Beast in the Steeplechase (Tallahassee, FL )

Best Insight  

Winner: Migratio (Guadalajara, Mexico )

1. Runner up: Chamos Peloteros (Caracas, Venezuela )

Popular Choice Award  

Winner: Health24 (Auburn, AL)

1. Runner up: Pulso (Mexico City, Mexico)
2. Runner up: Beat the Beast in the Steeplechase (Tallahassee, FL )