NOVEMBER 2-3, 2013  |  #americasdf


Join us! 
Do you write code? Work with data?  Research migration issues? Work with migrants? Report migration news? You are invited to  our Datafest. You can participate in more than one way even if you live outside the region. 

The event will focus on  
immigration to North America and Europe and human flows between and within countries in Latin America as well as on general population shifts within the United States and Canada.

Let's leverage the surge in mobile, social, computing power,  data analytics and address  the challenges and opportunities of migration in innovative ways! 

Make an impact!
Write awesome code and build web applications, mobile apps, tools and resources that will help migrants to manage their daily lives, experts to examine existing patterns and emerging trends, NGOs to provide services, journalists to report migration news and societies to combat human trafficking.

Shape the future!
Analyze data and help policy makers and advocacy groups to better understand issues and develop better policies. There are challenges in all steps of the process: collection, preparation and analysis. 

Win awards!
Showcase your skills, compete and take a prize!  Top two among the winning teams at each location will be nominated for the event's global awards. 

Let's get started!
Registration will open in the Fall (or Spring, depending on where you live). In the meantime, please use the collaborative features of this website to connect with others, learn about challenges, discuss 
project ideas and find teammates. 

What is A Hackathon?  
A hackathon is event, in which people meet to engage in collaborative computer programming. Participants pitch ideas, form teams, and create new and useful software. Typically, a hackathon lasts two days. 

Migration is a global phenomenon and many of the challenges are the same throughout the world.  Your participation can potentially benefit not only millions of people in the Americas but millions more around the planet. 

How to Participate 
You can participate by: 
  • organizing a local hackathon 
  • helping define challenges 
  • offering ideas for projects 
  • attending a hackathon in-person 
  • competing as a virtual team member  (if you are unable to attend in-person).
Please see the Participation page on this site for details. 

Connecting with Others  
You can socialize with others through IRC, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+

Collaborating on this Site 
This website is built for collaboration. The sharing of ideas happens through writing and editing pages  on this site. For discussion, we use a Google Group. Please see Site Help for more. 

How to Organize a Local Event  
Please email us and check out our Local Hackathon Planning Guide.