Migration Studies and Reports

NOTE:  Studies listed below mostly cover the period from 2008 to present. 

A Continued Humanitarian Crisis at the Border
A report by the Binational Migration Institute at the University of Arizona answers key questions about migrant deaths in Southern Arizona since 1990. [link]

A Dangerous Journey through Mexico
A report by WOLA and PRODH. [link]

A Report on the Media and the Immigration Debate
from the Brookings Institution. [link]

Big Data, Big Impact: New Possibilities for International Development 
Although this study is broadly about the developing world in general, its findings offer interesting thoughts with regard to migration issues. From the World Economic Forum. [link]

Child Migration: The Detention and Repatriation of Unaccompanied Central American Children from Mexico 
from the Catholic Relief Services. [link]

How Social Media Transform Migrant Networks and Facilitate Migration 
This working paper by two Dutch researchers, while not focused on the Americas, nevertheless offers interesting insights into how technology is affecting migration.  From the International Migration Institute at the University of Oxford.  [link]

Immigration Statistics for the 21st Century 
By Douglas S. Massey, a professor of sociology and the Director, Office of Population Research, Princeton University.  [link]

Mapping the Effects of Climate Change on Human Migration and Displacement
A study by experts from the UN, CARE International and Columbia University.  [link]

International Migration in the Americas
A joint SICREMI/OECD report.  [link]

International Migration Outlook 2013
An OECD report.  [link]

Migrants Count: Five Steps Toward Better Migration Data
Commission on International Migration Data for Development Research and Policy.  [link]

New Approaches to Migration Management in Mexico and Central America
from researchers at he Wilson Center.  [link]

Reconfiguration of Migrants' Social Networks through Ethnic Websites 
Research by two Mexican scientists  [link]

Thinking Regionally to Compete Globally: Leveraging Migration and Human Capital in the U.S., Mexico, and Central America 
Migration Policy Institute and the Wilson Center  [link]