The project Con-Trata offers an application so users can inform themselves about human trafficking and denounce a case. To make a complaint the app takes a photo of the suspected case with the GPS localization and optional information given by the user. This information goes to an organization working against human trafficking to take measure of follow-up to the case. It also offers complementary services using basic technology: web site and phone number for SMS messages. PDF of the application



Participants from Quito: Pablo Villacís: He is director of the electronic newspaper Ciudadanía Informada. Additionally directs el Centro de Monitoreo de Medios de la Corporación de Participación Ciudadana. In the project CON- TRATA he is responsible in looking for data about human trafficking in Ecuador.
Pablo Escandón: He is editor and writer. Right now he is lecturer of the Facultad de Comunicación de la Universidad de las Américas. In the project CON- TRATA he is responsible in searching for investigations about human trafficking.
Esteban Mayorga: He is student of journalism in the Universidad de las Américas UDLA. In the group CON- TRATA he is responsible for editing the video. Franklin Zura: He is a system technologist. In CON- TRATA he is responsible for creating the application.

The migrants:
Ana Deaconu: She is from Romania and dedicating herself to political ecology. In the present she is implementing a project about agro ecology on a Fulbright scholarship. In CON- TRATA she is responsible for creating the presentation.
Paola Tamayo: She is from Colombia and studying communication at the Universidad de los Hemisferios. She is working freelance on design projects. In the group CON-TRATA she is responsible for the design of the campaign.
Ariel Pino: He is from Chile and is creative director in a private advertising agency. He has been working in Nicaragua, Chile y Ecuador. In CON-TRATA he is responsible for creating the image of the campaign. Nadine Metzner: She is a German sociologist who is working as an advisor in communications at Fundación ESPERANZA as part of the German Development Agency GIZ. Within the project CON- TRATA she is the expert on human trafficking.

Goals: The idea of the project is provide information about human trafficking in Ecuador looking to sensitize the public about the problem and offer an easy tool to denounce cases of human trafficking.


Contra-trata 2nd price in Ecuadorean hackathon

2nd place in Ecuadorean Hackathon


From Quito: Pablo Villacis, Pablo Escandón, Esteban Mayorga, Franklin Zura.

The migrants: Ana Deaconu, Paola Tamayo, Ariel Pino, Nadine Metzner


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