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Everyone needs a guide when arrives to a new country, Exodus helper is a crowd-sourced migration assistance where people can find all they need about legal procedure, health assistance, places where to go and how to perform common task. Stories from someone who walk this path already. We are a helping hand when you need it.


How it works

  1. Just install our application from your mobile and login using your existing account from services like Facebook, Twitter or Google.

  2. After you have logged in, you will be asked several questions to know more about your goals and needs as a migrator.

  3. Using your answers and location, we will provide you with useful information about your new city, including categories like these:

    1. Lodging

    2. Legal and financial advice

    3. Food

    4. How-to guides

    5. Health care and prevention

    6. Calendar

    7. Community forums and chat

  4. All information can be shown on a contextual map

5.- Tight integration with LinkedIn and Foursquare for improved information on          how-to get a job.


  1. Each item inside this category will have a rating based on the review of users

  2. Each user will have a reputation based on how useful he has been with suggestions added to the application or shared with other users

  3. There will be a ladder system to promote user interaction, based on gamification

  4. Information posted can be flagged so a group of moderators may check it when necessary, to avoid spam, false claims, fraud or astro-turfing

Business model

  1. Content all over the site will be freely available

  2. No banner advertising

  3. When deemed useful, if the user is not satisfied with the information provided by the application, there could be suggestions to contact commercial providers or NGOs that provide a service that could fulfill their needs. These commercial providers would pay for being linked from the application. These customers could be:

    1. Lawyers and legal firms

    2. Insurance companies or banks

    3. Local government authorities (e.g. City Council)

    4. Entertainment industry

    5. Specialty shops


Exodus Helper presentation

Exodus Helper

Please list here members of your team and their contact info. 
Carlos Guerrero  guerrerocarlos@gmail.com
Alejandra Quintero 
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Dayan Yari guidaya@gmail.com



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