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Migrant Heaven will aid a migrant to find their perfect paradise. Migrant Heaven is a web application that will aid migrants in the decision making process around deciding on where to migrate. Our application does this in a simplistic way by providing a visualization tool consisting of all the aggregated factors one would most commonly consider when moving in one map. This enables an easy way to compare relevant information and also helps to give context of what area you are researching for those migrants who are unfamiliar with the United States.


Migrant Heaven is a web application to be used as a visualization tool in the process of deciding where to move. Our application is currently focused on those migrating to the United States.

After researching some of the top websites that are used, a list of the top factors considered when moving was compiled. These factors were also tuned to address the need of certain problems that were presented for this Data Fest. The metrics our map currently supports are:

  • Number of Unskilled Job openings: There are a lot of web applications available for those who have skilled knowledge or degrees. Migrant Heaven currently focuses on pulling current job availability for those who are unskilled allowing for an easy way to browse the unskilled job opportunities.  This is based off the job openings per the total population.
  • Cost of Living Index Score: The living index score is a metric based on the average cost of living in the United States.
  • Transit Score: The walking and transportation score is important because when migrants first initially arrive to the U.S., they may not have cars, driver’s licenses, or means to get around other than walking and use of public transportation. Knowing if a city has a good public transportation system and is friendly for walkers may be a deciding factor.
  • Population Ethnicity: To address the challenge of loneliness one might face of leaving their home country and migrating to the U.S., Migrate Heaven also helps to visualize the population of those of the same nationality or ethnicity. Knowing that there are similar people in a new city will make it easier to adjust.
  • Crime Rate: Lastly, most people are concerned with the safety of the community they live in, especially for those migrating with families and children. Knowing the crime rate of an area will allow someone to make an educated decision on where to move.
The key features of Migrant Heaven are:
  • The Map - With our map you can visualize the data of every feature for cities in which we retrieve data for. There is a selection drop-down for which feature to choose for visualization and then the  map visualizes the markers for that city with a color denoted by the value of of if that value is high or low. 
  • The Radar - Allows user to search by a specific city name and returns the results of all our metrics except the population ethnicity to give a ratio value of all four values compared to the maximum value of those metrics nationally. In the future we want to allow the user to search and compare cities side by side. 

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Unskilled Job Opening
Cost of Living
Transit Score
Population of Major Cities
Crime Rate
Population Ethnicity


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