What we are trying to do is make a database in which migrants are registered so we can help them in a more efficient way when they arrive to any shelter and to contact their families when a new entry is registered letting them know they are okay. This database will also provide geographic information displayed on a map about where the most dangerous areas are and where people who need help can find shelter, food or medical attention.


We started by doing research, we searched for shelters that were specifically aimed for migrants after that we used their address to locate them in Google Maps in order to acquire the coordinates that are universal and can be in any location service. Once we obtain the coordinates we can use them to highlight them in the map.

We also made a research about all the things that a shelter requires such as food, cocking tools, personal hygiene items, cleaning products, clothes and infrastructure.



SMS Center

The message center offers options to migrants as well as their respective relatives, the criteria for using the service is the following:

1 Offers the information and location of a register user in SURM.

2 Offers alerts that are important for the migrants.

3 Returns data of the users

4 Distance remaining to Tijuana

0 Exits

The format required in the message is the following: (number_option)(space)(alias). An example would be: 1 on247

This will return the location of the migrant for his/her relatives. Also this information in encrypted therefore it is very safe to use.



Graphic visualization of the most dangerous zones in Mexico


We acquired the API of Google Maps to represent the information that we obtained from INEGI regarding the accidents and violation of the human rights that occurs in different zones of Mexico so that the migrants can observe the map in a shelter and know through where they can make their journey. The information is displayed in the form of circles and the level of danger is represented by colors that range from yellow being not very dangerous to red that represents the most dangerous area.



We created 3 forms

The first one works to create a register of the migrants in each shelter they arrive so their families or relatives can know information about them through the SMS Center, in this register information such as: name/alias, place of origin and destination, personal information (birth date, telephone of any relative, if he/she suffers from an illness, among other things).

This form will also work to allow the migrants to resister in all the shelters they visit so their families and relatives can know where they are.


The second form is used to register all the incidents that happen, if a migrant suffers a violation to his human rights he can go to a shelter where he will receive help to fill a complaint in our webpage filling the required information such as: place of the incident, type of incident and when did it happen (morning, afternoon, night).


The third form is a check off register, this form will be filled in each shelter the migrant visits when he leaves, the information required is: name/alias, date of exit, number of days he was in the shelter, destination and if this migrant is dangerous, this last information is required in order to know if the migrant caused any type of problem so the next shelter can be aware and make special attention


Youtube Video  http://youtu.be/4GAnzypYt3g



Alonso Javier Lizaola Salazar (A01228654@itesm.mx)

Andrés Eugenio Galindo Maytorena (A01226849@itesm.mx)

Candelario Alfonso Gutiérrez Gutiérrez (A01228104@itesm.mx)

Diego Noé Vargas Ornelas (A01223920@itesm.mx)

Diego Zamora Rodríguez (A01227598@itesm.mx)

Francisco Javier González López (A01228103@itesm.mx)

Francisco Javier López Moreno (A01223689@itesm.mx)

Héctor Arreola Quirós (A00231770@itesm.mx)

Marco Antonio Maza Corona (A01227009@itesm.mx)

Martín Fernando López Rubio (A01226234@itesm.mx)

Renato Uriel Gutiérrez Salas (A01228456@itesm.mx)

Salvador Ahedo Leyva (A01223034@itesm.mx)

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