R.U.T.A.( Recibiendo Una Trayectoria Accesible)
Our project aims to prevent harm to be done to migrants while migrating from Latin America to the United States through Mexico by providing a safe route and tips for the people that is travelling unaware of dangers.


R.U.T.A.( Recibiendo Una Trayectoria Accesible)
Our project consists in finding the best route for the migrants that go through Mexico, letting them know about where they can stay if they have to, or warn them about dangerous spots they should avoid. This information would be updated live by the shelters that interview migrants and obtain information from other official sources.

The idea consists on a web-based application that uses online maps to display safe routes, dangerous spots, aid spots and other useful information about the path migrants are following to help them arrive safely to their destination. The application should be available to the general public over the web and information will also be available through shelters so migrants who don’t have access to a computer can also receive this information.

Migrant shelters at the time of receiving people and interviewing them to know where they come from, where they’re going to, and if they witnessed or experienced any kind of mishap during their journey so certified shelters with correct identification credentials can send information to the main database to keep online information updated. This information can also be updated by other official sources.

In our prototype (http://pablofierro.me/ruta/sidebar.htmlwe have drawn the most important immigrant routes in Mexico, from Central America to the United States.

Immigrant shelters have been marked with a green icon. It is  possible click on an icon to display the shelter's information in the sidebar. Information such as directions, telephone numbers and webpage is available.

Aid spots are indicated with a blue icon and places  where immigrants  have been attacked are indicated with a red icon.

Territories have been filled with a color form blue to red. This indicates the danger of passing through this state. Blue is safe, red is dangerous.

Also, a logged shelter can raise reports of incidents across the map. This updates the central database and every shelter can be updated in real time.

So basically this is our first implementation of the idea. We hope this web application can help save immigrant lives in their journey through Mexico.



Pablo Fierro - pabloarmandofierrocastro@gmail.com
Roberto Fierros - robfz729@gmail.com
Enrique Enciso - encisoenrique@gmail.com
Diego Camargo - dicamargov@gmail.com
Marian Valdivia - marianvaldivia@yahoo.com.mx
Jimena Madrigal - jimena.madrigal@gmail.com
Manuel Becerra - mbecerramarrufo@acm.org
Paola Diaz




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