A secure and easy-to-use mobile application that gives immigrants control over how and to whom their remittances are distributed. 


The immigrant leaves of his home country looking for opportunities to improve himself and his quality of life. Immigrants also look for ways to send money home to the family in the form of remittances. Of course, the immigrant hopes the money that is sent home will he used properly, invested, saved, and cared for. But there's never been a way to be sure. In many 3rd world cultures, the tendency, when presented with a lump sum of money, is to spend it as quickly as possible. It's time to "live it up". Time to buy those new shoes or TV you've been wanting. "Saving for a rainy day" is not the norm.

So, how can an immigrant be sure their money is being used how they intend it to be used? Consider Invio. Invio is a mobile app that gives the immigrant control over how his remittance is distributed. Here's how it works:

1. Immigrant registers for an account in Invio, specifying his home country bank name and account number (savings or checking).

2. Immigrant uses the app to send a remittance code (Western Union, Moneygram, etc).

3. The immigrant's bank receives the code and retrieves the remittance, depositing it into his bank account. (Immigrant gets a notification when this happens)

4. From there, the immigrant sets up payments in the Invio app (one-time or recurring) for anything from public services to loan payments to personal checking accounts (with debit card of course). All that's required is an amount, a payment date, and the destination bank account information.

5. Immigrant sits back and waits for notifications when the back processes a planned payment.

Invio encourages remittance and saving because it keeps the immigrant in control of the money.

How can banks participate?
We expect banks to be very interested in this platform because it provides an interesting new service to their clients abroad. Banks will be able to "sign up" and will receive access to a special control panel that provides the information necessary to make ACH transfers and to retrieve remittances. Banks who wish to integrate their systems with Invio for more automation will be able to do so through a secure API.

Application Platform:
The mobile application is composed of web technologies (HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript) and will be available on every major mobile platform using Adobe Cordova (aka PhoneGap). Currently, the application is accessible via the web only.



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